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The writing professionals behind pens4hire.

Brian O’Grady – Copywriter
Brian is a communications professional specializing in promotional writing. He joined TimeStep Corporation in 1998 as an Information Developer and when TimeStep was acquired by Newbridge Networks he moved into marketing to write and launch a web-based game promoting Newbridge products. Following Alcatel's purchase of Newbridge, Brian assumed a managerial role in Product Marketing and was later recruited by the Media Relations team. Brian launched pens4hire in 2002 and has since completed writing projects for a long list of Ottawa-area agencies like Knock on Wood and Apogee Design, as well as high technology clients that include IBM Cognos, Alcatel, and Procom. Brian holds a degree in Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo and spends every minute he can hanging out with his boys Liam and Barron, daughter Maeve, and wife Jen as well as playing poker and drinking fair trade coffee.

Anne Rettie – Copywriter
Combining natural writing ability with a gift for rapidly picking up new technologies and techniques, Anne offers fifteen years' consulting experience in the communications field. Anne provides effective promotional communications to a roster of repeat clients, including such diverse organizations as Alcatel and Chipworks in the private sector, and Heritage Canada and Industry Canada in the public sector.

Anne excels in developing communications strategies and creating marketing collateral for print and web applications, on topics ranging from highly technical subjects to business and the arts. As a communications professional operating solely on a consulting basis for many years, she is used to working independently, solving problems as they appear, and maintaining a commitment to quality through tight deadlines and rapid turn-around times.

Laura Baker – Copywriter
Laura has followed a career path prior to pens4hire that ranges from government researcher in Ottawa to ice cream server on the French Riviera. She has worked as a technical writer for firms like RIM and IBM Cognos, creating documents for end users and administrators alike. In addition, Laura enjoyed tutoring students at the Humber College Writing Centre, where she put her love of the English language and its grammar to perfect use. Laura holds a degree in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing with a minor in French from the University of Waterloo and an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Wales. Along with her pens4hire writing, she currently does editorial and marketing work for several publishing companies.

John Ferguson – Copywriter
John has over twenty years of experience as a communications professional. He spent many years handling all of the writing requirements for a small software company, and has also completed projects for IBM Cognos, Corel Corporation, Adobe Systems, the Centre for Public Management, and others. John has written academic, technical, and marketing publications, including proposals, software manuals, research reports, articles, white papers, speeches, and web content. He has co-taught 'Writing for the Knowledge Professional' through Algonquin College's School of Advanced Technology. John holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Sociology.

Tina Walsh – Copywriter
A pragmatist and effective coach by nature, Tina is consistently recognized for her directness as a communicator and proven research abilities. Driven by user requirements and tight deadlines, she specializes in project planning and technical documentation for post-boom start-up companies. Tina’s recent projects also include corporate communications materials such as: feature articles, data sheets, newsletters, press releases, web copy, emails, and trade-show signage. Tina holds a B. Math and B.A. from the University of Waterloo.

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